Upcoming Events

At LXG, all gamers - casual and professionals - are welcome!

Gaming Community

We create a beautifully unique online and offline ‘Meetup' environment for gamers to come together and interact on their gaming experiences and activities. Join our buzzing community today to interact with other gamers.

Casual Gaming

Busy athletes and gaming enthusiasts can walk in to have a good gaming experience any time the day and especially during weekends to compete for fun and the pride of bragging rights. Random instant prizes are also available to be won.

Gaming fans and enthusiasts are also welcome to view live games on our big screens. Bring your friends and family to have a great time.

We will shape the future of esports in Nigeria and Africa by consistently raising its profile.

Emmanuel Oyelakin

Esports Tournaments

Periodically, tournaments are held with fantastic prizes being won. When tournaments are announced, interested participants (individuals or teams) sign up via a paid registration to face off with other gamers in very rigorous games that’s only suited for the best of the best

Thinking of Going Pro?

LXG encourages dedicated gamers who would love to pursue gaming as a career to pursue their dreams. As an organization, LXG is well positioned to provide facilities to such aspiring pro-gamers. Interested gamers should apply here.

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